Mar 1, 2012

Thumps up to Mobile Internet

It took me a while for me to select the title of the post, but couldn't come up with something less techi (technology).

A woman who owns an iPhone (one of the best apple technologies) wasn't happy about her phone that it doesn't support Bluetooth technology with other phones, other then iPhone. I told her, it's for security reasons, plus encouraging users to use emails.

Her all argument, that she'll have to use mobile data, which she doesn't want use, at different occasion she wished that she can use GPS without accessing the internet, mobile data issue again.

Basically, buying an expensive, high-tech phone and not willing to spend on the cheapest monthly mobile data plan 1 GB = R.O 5 for Omantel & 500 MB = R.O 3 for Nawras; was cheap can someone be.

To have mobile broadband internet is the fastest trend for quick and easy access for social networking and information locally and internationally, thanks to Twitter and foursquare applications.

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