Mar 3, 2012

Go Oman

Despite been none fan of football, but I'm happy that Oman won the friendly match against Thailand for 2014 World Cup Qualifying.
Best wishes for Thailand for next season i.e 2018 World Cup Qualifying; and best wishes for Oman to qualify.

UAE has officially started multiple 'Banning Spree', under the umbrella of Health and Safety Environment as a cover, it seems that the government is in financial crises and trying to generate quick revenue by imposing hefty fees for violators.
The list of bans which I came across are:
- 300ML cans, for misleading consumers.
- BBQ in apartments (only in Dubai)
- Sheesha in residential area (which was banned before in 1990's in all public areas and later lifted).

"He's beneath you." That's the statement a young woman in her early twenties started hearing from her mom's Aunt and cousins after her future father-in-law who is her uncle (mom's brother) broke the news to them of his son's engagement to his niece, it seems her mom knew how they will react, that's why she told her brother to inform them.
The whole house (the bride mom's Aunt place)went uprising against the marriage, they see the groom to be and his parents are way beneath them (the same way the Aunt thought her son and daughters in-laws are way beneath her and disapproved her sons and daughter's marriages), despite the bride's parents approved it, even they know that he's not earning much, but he's educated, gentleman and hard working; also independent and responsible man. One of them, unmarried woman went crazy and started talking nonsense when she heard the news, all of them started giving the groom hard time, even when he offered to help like he usually do for any function or occasion, they rudely declined his offer after all this years.
The bride to be was shocked for what she heard, she was brought up by them and never expected such a treatment, specially her future husband is her own cousin. Now she sees the true color of their skin, which they have been undercover for 22 years. I felt so sorry for her but happy for her and the groom.

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