Feb 29, 2012

A leap year

Today, 29th February 2012 marks the leap year, so we have one day extra working day. I wish a happy birthday and many happy returns of to those born on this day.

I received a message from a woman, who is unofficially no longer a friend (her side we appear to be friends) in a private virtual group saying.
"Is it better for a woman to live in her. parents house then her husband house?"

At the beginning I thought she meant quitting her job and staying home, but when she wrote "then her husband house" it totally confused me because she isn't married.

I asked her what she meant by that, she responded she meant her parents house is better the husband's house.

My response was that we are unmarried women in the group and won't know anything about married men. Only who is happy in her marriage life will prefer to live in her husband's home

she started mentioning the freedom in parents home, no headaches or responsibilities, and the funny part was about the husband that he'll look at her with silence, she have to look at him all the time, maybe he talks to her in silent mode, basically she's trying to understand the man (and that is all thoughts from a unmarried woman).

I snapped and wrote to her that when God will for her to get married, she will know about marriage and husband too. Not to judge men based on other women's gossips and experience . If that the case, no one will get married and it will create global in balance.

The topic ended, I felt she was stupid to open such subject which doesn't lead to anything. I thought she just trying to seek attention and desperate for it. She also not getting what she wants, who ever promised her for over 10 years not willing to marry her.

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