Mar 19, 2012

Russell Peters on St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, Russell Peters performed a stand up comedy show for the first time in Oman on St. Patrick's Day, the auditorium is almost full, and people are still pouring in to see him.

People were looking for tickets to see the Anglo-Indian performance, allot of people were looking for re-sale tickets, people from different age, nationalities were moved.

I didn't see any of Russell's stand up shows, so I didn't know how he was, I just went to change the atmosphere and to enjoy the company. I bumped into allot of people, was happy to see and meet new people.

Russell write's up pg 15 and I didn't know how censored it will going to be, for Oman, a was a bit embarrassing even for liberal minded people, as it was not part of our culture to openly joke about sexual topics.

Despite all that, people enjoyed it, and hoping for more entertainment events, not like someone said while walking out the avenue after the show ended "Will wait for another show after 3 years". Please prove him wrong.

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