Feb 25, 2012

Festival flavor

Last Thursday I came back home after long day to start my weekend by dosing off on the mattress while watching a movie.

I woke up when I felt someone entered the room, and it my sister, she gave me multiple choices of what to do at night, either go downtown to the festival or late night movie, I told her what ever convenient.

She decided after I woke up to go to the festival, for me it was a way to get out from home, and I thought what will I do there. We arrived and went to the global village where they sale products from various countries, I went to have two cups of Moroccan tea (more of a sweetened green tea).

Then we headed to the Omani cultural village, which amused us, seeing the culture different regions how they dress up, products, etc, even seen the old taxi models (the donkey). Also how people react, specially the expatriates and tourists.

I have to admit, this journey was more of fun then 1st time, still we didn't watch the laser and firework shows, as we busy enjoying the lovely surroundings and atmosphere.

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