Sep 30, 2010

For the love of a woman

I was watching the movie, The Ghost Writer, while i was flying back to home, Adam Lang (the character) said the  quote, which i can't recall nor find it on the internet, it's about he became politics not because he loved it, but for the love of a woman.

The quote had sticked me, of two men who truly loved their wives and been with them and beside them. The two women had cancer, one passed away and the other one is going under treatment. Both of their husbands beside them, feeding, giving their treatment and supporting them, above all, not willing to part from them to live normal life.

The two women are my late mother and my Aunt, and the two men are my late father and my Uncle. I head the story of how my late father was sitting beside my mother and caring about her from people who aren't direct family, but I saw how my Uncle taking care of my own Aunt, and my sister told my Aunt, "I wish to have a husband who is loving and caring in sickness and health, like your husband."

My Uncle has strong faith that she's get cured. The same man, had a surgery during my visit, couldn't part from his wife and asked her to spend the night in the hospital with him, as he was too scared she falls ill and not been beside her.

That's how some men can do anything for the love of a woman, to keep them selves and other alive.

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