Sep 21, 2010

No BC Plz

To in lighting you how the english language is in danger thanks to the social networking elements such as sms, chats and microblogging (twitter) has made using short cuts such BC = Broadcasting, while Plz = Please. Not only english language is effected so is Arabic.

Back to "No BC Plz" as a friend has posted it part of her name during Ramadhan for been irritated of her BlackBerry Messenger's tone buzzing 24/7, some people in her list found it offensive as it wasn't polite from her and their reaction was some removed her from their, she should has sent a broadcast to everyone politely requesting to stop broadcasting her or giving them an option of removing her from their list for good.

After a month she posted in her status for those still broadcasting her to best removed her from their list, so I automatically removed her for good. I did broadcast her once then stopped, I felt she's too arrogant.

So if you don't want people to broadcast you, why you have the blackberry then.
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