Jul 24, 2010

Places in Oman, I'm not planning to dine

Some restaurants I'm not interested or planing to visit at all because of the type of food, location and ambiance.

I managed to capture some of the names and share it with:

Japengo - Too open, a place attracts people (who drive or walk) to stare at you while eating.

Wasabi Sushi - Raw food make me sick.

Tche Tche - I don't do smoking zone.

Ubhar - the ambiance didn't attract me, despite the good recommendations by family and friend.

Biella - Not into Italian food.

I thank @omanicuisine (Omani Cuisine) via @twitter for its live review.

Visit its website for full reviews and places you never been in Oman before via http://www.omanicuisine.com and follow http://twitter.com/omanicuisine for live and quick review.
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