Jul 23, 2010

Dreaming is a free ticket to reality

I entered the kitchen and so three domestic workers busy preparing breakfast and lunch at the same time and having conversation in English, a common language as their are from Asia and Africa.

I greeted them and picked up my plate and filled it with the friday dish of foul, kind on beans.

Salma, the African woman started to say some words in Filipino dialog, she turned towards me, laughed and said "Don't laugh at me for speaking Filipino", I smiled and said "Its ok, like Anna is talking Swahili too."

Anna said "When we become Madams, Salma will go to Philippines and I will go to Africa." I smiled and said, "Inshaa Allah (when God will)", Anna continued "I'll be saying bring me tea, afterwards bring me food, etc" Salma interrupted her by saying "Never be rude, because God is testing you."

And Susan, an Asian said "Her dream to be actress," and she really has a bit of skill to act as innocent.

I left with a smile and wishing that their dreams comes true, like Filipino maid inherits millions from her former dead Singapore employer after 21 years of service.

One day, those who work for us may be richer then us, or their are actually richer then us with faith in God.

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