Jul 1, 2010

'The Family Mentor' project no more

I sat silently in the car, thinking of the project I was dreaming of doing over 3 years ago, which I thought it will benefit everyone in my family personally and professionally.

My dream was create future writers (and one day might become authors), with simple tasks:
1- Write about something you are interested in.
2- Add a reference: a book, magazine, article or a website.
3- Attempt writing in Arabic.

The dream was shattered with excuses, which left the journal abandoned, forgotten and shelved (in private viewing mode).

No one is willing to write, chatting and social networking takes less effort to write a decent post, which will help for future. Death to the future writers, why to write? Twitter is the future.

Yes, I am pretty much in sarcastic mood, I don't blame them from been from the 'X' generation. I wanted them to extract the 'X' factor and polish it to shine to become like the 'Freedom Writers', no one's dream can come true, only if they wanted too, their interest and passion is not writing, why force them!

Best wishes to them and for the project, also to whom adopts such project within their family, relatives and community.

"Don't kill your dream, take it somewhere else and do it". Yes, I'll look for another group to do the project, who will be interested in developing their writing skills. I admit I have lack in some skills and I am trying to improve it.

Farewell 'The Family Mentor' journal, farewell to its prospective future writers, and farewell to the reader until another post.
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  1. I'm pretty much interested in this project and all you have to do is to actually START it and I'll get some members.

  2. Dear Kitten,

    Thanks for your support, I have changed the project name to 'Writers Mentor'.

    The url address is http://writersmentor.blogspot.com