Jul 7, 2010

Omar Bin Laden and surrogate pregnancy

It took me a while to come up with a good catchy title includes 'Muslim' or 'Islam' and 'Surrogate', but I finally came up with 'Omar Bin Laden and surrogate pregnancy'.

I was pretty surprised when I read an article about Omar Bin Laden, the son of Osma Bin Laden, who is born as a Muslim from Muslim parents, and raised on Islamic believes and now going to have a child from his 50+ wife through surrogate pregnancy.

The process by injecting one of 35 frozen embryos of his wife to the surrogate mom, which her eggs has been fertilized by Omar two years ago in a private clinic.

The whole concept of having a surrogate pregnancy is forbidden in Islam, as the child shares blood of the surrogate mom and feeds from her the whole pregnancy period, their other religious reasons.

I don't know how Osama will react, even the Bin Ladens, will Omar life be in danger for his wanting a child of his own? God knows.
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