May 29, 2010

A true Muslim

... the only significant lunch at teta is when all of us in the family found her on the floor choking, and then, I thought I was witnessing her take her last dying breaths, I saw her face turn red, helpless on the floor, as she slowly raised her hands trying to recite Quraan. That is the day I realized how much I loved my grandmother. I FELT my heart tear apart. That is an incident that changed my view of Teta - I can't explain it in words - but instead of trying to breathe, she was trying to recite Quraan while everyone around her was screaming, and losing their mind in fear that she will no longer be with us.

The above quote has touched my heart of knowing that Color of ColoRama journal/blog wrote about her beloved grandmother been thinking of God (Allah) not saving her life, thinking to meet God with by recite his own holy words from Quraan, to meet her next life with veil of Quraan, and her strong faith in God.

Her grandmother is a true Muslim and mummeenah (a believer in God), didn't fear death but was willing to embracing it, and loves God more then her life.

Very few people are ready to embrace death with open heart.

I'm proud of knowing her grandmother and I'm proud that Color admires her and proud for been her granddaughter, also writing about it.

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