May 29, 2010

Battles between Oman's telecommunications

Blackberry was first offered by Nawras telecom service provider then Oman Mobile, which is now part of Omantel.

Nawras offered only two packages local (limited) and unlimited (international), while Oman Mobile offered three packages, two local (limited and unlimited) and one unlimited (international).

After Nawras was granted to launch Fixed line service with exclusively WiMAX service a totally new technology, which Omantel doesn't have, Omantel decided to merge back Oman Mobile back and attack Nawras aggressively offers, prices and the latest with BB free data packages plan beside the APN usage plus launching BB for prepaid users.

Allot of BB users in Nawras migrated back to Oman Mobile because of that. They say Nawras is expensive. But is Oman Mobile solve its problems with billing and other technicality? Basically stopped ripping of people, which derived people to migrate to Nawras.

A friend told me words been spreading around (not a valid source) that Nawras is working on getting Apple services in Oman, because the growth of number of users for iPhone and recently iPad is in town.

Nawras was the first to get iPad to the market for test drive, when it just got launched in USA.

Now how is the six MVNO telecommunications doing in Oman? They are FRiENDi, Renna, Mazoon, Halafoni, Apna and Samatel.

Apna and Samatel are not well known like the 1st four MVNO mobile telecoms.

They target expatriates, except for Halafoni, which for young and vibrant group who more connected with Hala FM and Hi FM.

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