May 27, 2010

Inner talk

I was deeply having conversation with my self, about my career, money, etc, with instrumental background, a sudden song busted out of the car's speaker.

While the music and the artist took me by surprise, a person with black umbrella passed in front of my car (and in my mind I was saying "Its hot outside 44 C") , I look at the audio system and I was written Hi - FM, the channel has flicked by it self, God knows how and why, but this isn't my car and I'm not liking it.

I rarely listen to English songs, I prefer old school. I'm back to the instrumental music, very soothing indeed.

I can't browse the net through my BB, but I can use the messenger and receive my emails.

I'm back to write thanks to BB' email service, I post via email, that is why its written BB and my service provider under my recent posts.

I couldn't download my BB's Twitter and Facebook applications, some technicality problems and I'm trying to figure why it happens.

Someone dear to me's father passed away yesterday, I remember the day my dad passed away and how this person was supportive to me, God rest his soul in peace.

That's all for now, I have written allot today, but its actually short for you as a reader.

I am trying to find out, which of my co-worker know my blog.

Best wishes to RO and FB in their career.

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