May 30, 2010

Suzanne Tamim's honor

Suzanne Tamim, an Lebanese artist who was killed in Dubai in year 2008 and Dubai authority has identified the suspect in few hours after her body was found beside latest assassinations of political personalities thanks to the technology and the Sherlock Holmes of and his team.

Two people was arrested and trailed by the Egyptian court, Egyptian real-estate magnate Hisham Talaat Mostafa and a former state security officer, Mohsen al-Sokari.

Now, after the first trial and second trial after appealing, Late Suzanne's family withdrawn their civil lawsuit against them after their daughter's reputation has been ruined for committing adultery and another man shows up to be her husband plus unethical behavior.

I feel the suspects are been framed for political and personal reasons, it was time to revenge and Ms Tamim soul was a tiny price to pay and her dirty laundry is out for the public.

RIP to her soul.
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