Mar 28, 2009

Yes, I made a mistake

Two incidents happend to me yesterday, I learnt something from it, I learnt to accept my mistakes & admit it as well as confrunt & apologise to whom it consurned. I also learned who really genuine & who is not.

The Aunty Zahra called me in the morning, told me that I didn't inform her I was picking up Salma despite she doesn't have any objection to for Salma to be with me, I apologized to her and admited for my irrisponsible action and asured her it won't happen again, she justified her reasons for telling me that and I agreed with her, I respect her more then ever that she didn't waste the time and called me within less then one hour since I picked up Salma, I aknowledge her careness.

Another incedint happend in the evening of the samr day while I went to visit one of my relatives. I walked in the room and greeted two people (thier grade are as my parents) out of three and I didn't reaise I didn't greet the third person (whose like my sister) and walked out of the room.

It seems the 1st & the 3rd persons commented about my action towards the third person. So the 2nd person told them that she will talk to me when she sees me, they refused but she insisted.

The 2nd person called me later at night and told me about my action, I told her I didn't realise that and apologised as I didn't mean to ignore or disrespect the 3rd person and she understood and accepted my version of the story as saw how I looked while greeting her. I was shocked that no one had alart me at the same moment or tell me what I did was wrong by confronting me at the same time.

The above incidents made me realised how simple action can be positively or negatively been translated by people.

Note: Names are not real, it has been changed to protect people's privacy.

From Global news, today, people globally celebrating 'Earth Hour', it's an ECO friendly hour, the world switch off their lights, i.e. no using electrisity for one hour, which means no light polution for one hour. Correct me if I am wrong, from 8:30 PM to 9:30PM and some not all cities are perticipated in this Eco event.

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