Mar 27, 2009

Move it away

While I was at the mall with my sister and cousins killing time until our delayed appointment came arround, an incident had happend or more of an action my cousin did, she picked up someone's ice cream's cup from the empty table and trashed it inside the nearest bin, while the rest of us moved the chairs towards us inorder to sit.

After we were seated, my cousin was telling her sister if she should pick up an empty pepar bag from the floor beside her, her sister critisaised her and sugested to pick up all the trash from the flour. My cousin said something her father told her, "If you see something on the floor and you think someone may fall because of it, pick it up or move it out of the way, or it will back fire on you." I agreed wirh her for what her father told her.

While I am typing the above sentence I remembered an incident happend with me, which actually happend yesterday while I was at the hair saloon that's similer to my cousin's action, the hair dresser was busy setting up my sister's hair some hair accessories were falling on the floor, I started picking them up on her behalf as she couldn't because she's 8 months pregnent, she didn't ask me to do so, but I felt like helping her. She was supprised for my action and told me not to bother but I couldn't. She's gave her time for us then to rest.

All I can say, that both of us had some same principles that we follow, which our religion advised us to do the same.

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