Mar 29, 2009


Like every day, random thoughts pops out of my head, so a thought came to my about 'Cursing people'.

I noticed allot of people tend to curse other people who are not in same believe or religion or someone who sins, it's becoming natural and the next generation are been adopting such thing too.

As my opinion, only God has the right to curse, because he is the creator. We humans have no right to judge people and curse them just because they are 'Hindu' religion, or a person is involved in immoral act.

God has given a choice and chance for everyone to go back to faith in God until their last breath of soul (I mean by that is death), he sent Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.)/(Peace Be Upon Me) as as a messenger to spread Islam as the last Abrahamic religion after Judaism and Christianity.

I hope it makes sense.

Off the topic, watch The Starter Wife TV series, its out in DVD.

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