May 9, 2005

Why dont you comment???

First Quote:
by the way, why dont you visit my blog??????????????????

second Quote:
why dont you comment??? How do I know you really visit if you don't comment??????? :faints:

The above quotes of Kazablanka posted as a comment in How well do you know me? at M-Pac: Oman & Beyond blog, she wasn't aware that M-Pac reads her blog, how many of us aren't aware of that too?

The only way to know is to put a statistical counter that shows the referral links.

Here an article about research for the readers who post comment.

15% of blog readers ever leave a comment by ZDNet's Alex Moskalyuk -- 40% of US consumers have read a political blog and more than 25% read them once a month or more, according to Harris Interactive. There are more adults reading the blogs of political pundits and prognosticators than there are people posting comments on them. Out of 2,630 online adults, less than 10% had ever posted [...]

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