May 11, 2005

Sorry my blog was spamed

I know most of you my dearest readers were suprised to see an invitation in several of my journals today.

You now have 1 friend that has invited you to their mobile friends network at, the most popular mobile community in the world!

At you can meet new friends, find that special someone to flirt with or exchange messages via the Web with millions of users worldwide.

Friend(s) waiting for you to accept include:
Mamber Name

Click the link below to see your friend(s) photos and accept their invitations.;&r=0&t=4

Don?t recognize the name(s) above? Click the link above to learn more about the friend(s) who invited you or to block future invitations.,Inc.,7770 Regents Road, Suite 113-405, San Diego, CA 92122 USA

My email was sending spam mails to all who were in my contact address. Read Beware of & I'll try to get more information about the spam.

The Update:

More information:
Beware of invites
I recently received an invite to join from a friend in Peru. I totally disregarded it. A few days later I received another invite to my (previously) spam-free account, so I checked out the site. supposedly offers free ringtones and text messages via the web. This immediately sounded fishy, so I did a quick Google search. Several results also returned the phrases "stay away", "rip off" and "internet scam to the extreme". So if you get any of these invites, don't say I didn't warn you.

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