May 4, 2005

Trying to stop my self

I'm trying to stop/control my self not to post anything personal that not acceptable by the readers of my journal to know, I don't want to post any negative thoughts nor anything that may effect me & my family and relatives' reputation.

Recpecting my self is my first priority I put when I republished my journal, the way to respect my self is not to post anything personal or a conflicted thuoghts.

I try my best and I know someone is tracking my journal and who ever you are I want to say "Thank you for saving me and God bless you".


  1. I think u r just an ordinary man but with an angel thought........God bless u 2...body...... :)

  2. I think sooner or later you're gonna have to start putting more of "you" into your blog.

  3. Agil, thanks.

    Muscati, more of "Me" in my journal, just a thought of it scares me.