Apr 24, 2011

Her life is not blank

A blind woman, who lost her sight at a young age proved to me today that her disability didn't stop her from living her life and dreams.

She worked hard, went to best school, did her PHD and pursued her dreams, she had a vision, but not like our vision, to be help others like her to become something in this society.

Been blind didn't stop her from socializing, she also has a Facebook account, she posted her photos, as well as her family member and friends, she's proving to us that she has a life worth living for, it's not blank as the canvas, it's colorful with all kind of shades, and has a meaning.

She still dreaming of gaining her sight, but maybe been blind is a blessing and motivation to become a leader, for us to follow our dreams and take risks, as long it doesn't harm us nor our loved ones.

Yes, her life is not a blank canvas, and so am I.

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