Dec 25, 2010

Typo mistake can cause reputation damage

While I was searching for "Omani Blog Awards" via Google, I came across this blog reference with snap of Amira Al Hussaini's article dated to year 2007.
Oman: Blog Awards a 'Scam' · Global Voices: "Nov 1, 2007 … Omani blogger Blue-Chi describes the 2007 Omani Blog Awards as a scam. He further appeals to the …" - Amira Al Hussaini.

I was shocked of Blue-Chi's statement, whom I known over 10 years, in few seconds I decided not to be judgmental and read the article and go through the references, it turned out Blue-Chi was talking about "Omani Web Awards" and nothing about "Omani Blog Awards".

I believe that Amira Al Hussaini had made a typo mistake, and it was never corrected or brought to anyone's attention only after three years of the post date. She already apologized and will do the necessary amendments, and I thank her for her approach and gesture.

For clarification, the Omani blogger Blue-Chi, did not refer to the Omani Blog Awards as a scam, as he was part of the award's committee. The Omani Blog Awards also was not a scam, as stated to above quote, it was one-time unofficial blog award, which organized in year 2005 by well group of Omani bloggers, while the above post refers to the 2007 Omani Web Awards.

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