Dec 7, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg equals Jesse Eisenberg!

While I was reading the headline (Mark Zuckerberg to Unveil New Profile Pages Tonight on "60 Minutes") from Mashable! Via my google reader, I imagined the face of Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who played Mark Zuckerberg's character on "The Social Network", the movie. You didn't realize both of them their last name ends with "berg".

Allot of people in Oman didn't get concept behind the movie, they all went to watch it because of it's about "Facebook".

Parents join facebook to know what their kids are up to, even if they are married and with kids. Facebook is more of an open diary.

Nowadays, it is "socially acceptable" for stalking people via social networking websites sites, such as facebook.

Wikileaks, is the new US-based "Arab Times", soon to be blocked in the Arab world, thanks to USA embassies' cables leaks, and other leaks.
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