Dec 10, 2010

It is not our first language

While I was watching the opening of 2nd Asian Beach Games on TV, a Kuwaiti minister was giving a public speech in English, and was not perfectly pronouncing some of the words, because its not his first language, An 17 or 18 years young boy of age, started criticizing and imitating the way the minister was talking.

An 17 or 18 years young boy of age, studied in a private school, it irritated me as he thinks that he is perfect in English; he has forgotten that he is an Arab too and some of his relatives (also one of his parent) don't speak or not fluent in Arabic, the language of their religion (Islam) and mother thong; nor English, which is the international language.

I noticed some (not many, nor all, nor majority) of people who have studied in a private schools think that way, that they are fluent but they aren't. I personally know people who don't criticize nor fluent and they openly acknowledge it.

I admired the minister for giving a public speech with confidence, and not having or adopting an accent, British and American english accents are widely common, thanks to the cinemas and TVs programs.
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