Sep 27, 2009

No respect

Every time I try to give respect to men in my country, but I get desapointed by some men (not all)with the way they treat women as if they are no value.

When ever I go to buy boxes of packed water, men pass by without a curtasy of seening a woman struggling to pick up half her waight. Only the employees offer help. Its not menly for them to offer help, but it menly for them when women beg for their help. I belive looks plays a big role, pitite women don't need help from matcho or skinny men, women with long hight, skinny figure and fair skins like milky, walk like ghazals need automatic help.

The worst incident, when I visited an embassy, three men were sitting on two three-seated sofa didn't even care to get up and squize their bodies into one sofa and to let me sit on the other one, but insted they pretended as if I didn't even exists in the room, but they stair at me when ever my eyes falls on my phone screen.

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