Sep 4, 2009

I walked out of 'Funny People'

Yesterday, I was invited for Iftaar (breakfast) at Shang Tai resturent, had a great meal, which was fullfilling and didn't feel stuffed like I always felt since the first day of fasting.

Most of the food, which is been cooked in my home and other houses I invited my self to have Iftaar was too havey because of the amount of oil is been used in most of the meals, which I concider it unhealthy.

back to were I stopped, after the Iftaar, my sister and I decided to go for a movie, we drove to the nearest cinema, and bought two tickets to watch 'Funny People', which started 10 minites after arriving to the cinema, before we purchased the tickets my sister said she didn't come across the movie's ads, even in the TV, and so am I, we knew its a comedy, that's why we chose it.

We set at our located seats and the movie started rolling, 40 mins passed and we walked out of the movie, after spending 6 Omani Rials for sexsual commedy comments of 'C', 'F' and 'D' from begining to end, its Ramadhan and where are the athority for letting such movie to run all over the country during the holy month? Does the athority understand the English language or they just sense phisical sexual content not the verbal content?

I don't think people will react much or make a big fuss, as most of people won't go to cinemas in Ramadhan.'

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