Oct 30, 2012

Eid flavors

This Eid was differently different then other Eid I came a cross after years. It started at the first day of Eid when I saw my second cousin after more than 15 years, she lived abroad all her life.

My half cast (Oman mom and Greek father) relatives came for lunch, for the first time I set and chit chatted with them to overcome the fear of socializing with people, which recently I experienced in one of the conferences abroad. Back to the topic, I found how they strugglingin both Arab and Greek society because they don't speak the language. They don't want their kids to struggle or face the same problem.

Also we spoke how the young people who have East African background refuse to speak Swahili despite knowing the language because as they heard it's a racist issue, despite as my knowledge most people who have East African background are from well known Arab tribals.

At night my siblings and cousins gathered at my cousin's place after years of not gong out and had junk food and my niece was entertaining us.

The second day of Eid we gathered at my youngest Aunt's place, but this time was only the cousins and their kids, without the parents (now they are grandparents) which proved that my cousins will continue keep the tradition of this gatherings from now on. We then gathered at my sister in law's family farm for BBQ which they traditionally do it every second day of Eid, I started to know my newest sister in law who joined our family in September, and one of my cousin has also stationary obsession like my sister and I, which others thought it's unusual and not acceptable, also told her not to admit it in public.

The third day of Eid I went to the beach for few hours with the boys, finished reading a novel, then in the evening I dropped a guest at her relative, and finished my chores then picked up the guest before heading home.

The fourth day, went for tea party at my sister in law, all my cousins and sister in laws as well as my second cousin who come from Switzerland to meet everyone, we had a great time bonding.

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