Sep 28, 2012

We are the movie

"RT @Psypherize The movie defaming Muhammad PBUH wasn't a movie, it was a trailer. We are the movie. -- سلطان سعود القاسمي (@SultanAlQassemi)"

The trailer has been created to destroy Muslims and insults our beloved prophet, but it's also sabotaging Obama's campaign. Peaceful protects is not harmful, but Islam is against killing people. The US ambassador and his staff blood shaded, only because the movie was directed and produced in US, as the director is American citizen, although he is an Arab.

One man was against Islam created blood shades around the world, he wanted to prove one thing, that Muslims are terrorist, and thirsty for blood.

The question is are we? We aren't that, and we are the cast in a big universal movie, that the director did not paying a cent to produce it, he is in jail, waiting for trailed not for the death of people, he one day will gather all that and make it a documentary, to prove to the world that we are terrorists.

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