Mar 8, 2011

Justice in Oman

His Majesty has brought justice in Oman again by listening to his people's demands.

He sent the right people who are honest, have high integrity and people's persons. Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad Al-Busaidi is loved by people, he works for them and cares too, because he is one of them.

Omani people comprised of different ethnic background, but at the end of the day they are one soul, an Omani soul. No one is against his majesty, his people are loyal to him, but some took advantage of his trust and generosity for their own benefit and not his people. He was blindfolded, but his wisdom and judgment overpowered those who tried to destroy his image, that he doesn't care about his people.

God wanted to protect his Majesty, so he gave him a big test to open his eyes, mind and soul, the tragic events in Sohar was the motivation for him to do the changes.

I sat with several people, whom felt such a shame for what happened in Sohar, they felt betrayed by their own people, they consider and look up upon his Majesty as more of a father to them, they were raised to think and believe that way, they also get upset for those who talk about him negatively.

We are proud to be Omanis, our patriotism towards our country is high, and now it's time for us to drive Oman ahead for brighter future.

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