Oct 18, 2010

My brain is dead

My brain is dead when it comes to knowledge since 2nd week of September, as I traveled and was too busy not reading my regular articles because not been at home most of the time and worried by smartphone's battery getting drained.

Since the long break, I missed updating my co-workers, friends and relatives with articles and quotes via BBM, email, Twitter and Facebook. Even blogging has became a hassle to me, as no topic to write about.

I am browsing my personal Twitter Time line, looking for a post that I wanted to write about:

- My post dated to 15 days ago: "An idea of a topic just popped up to write about, while watching SpiceJet airline ad." The topic was alcohol must be banned in all airlines, as alcoholic pollution at the plan's air, air hostess are getting harassed and passengers are irritated from the drunker.

- Another post dated to 15 days ago: "My blog's short url http://goo.gl/7lo5 from Google Shortener http://goo.gl", and you can access and generate a shorter url using BlackBerry.

- Finally this statement I posted 19 days ago, which amazed me: I was told: "CNN has become more lenient about Islam since Obama came to power." Did it? I disagree with the statement after Octavia Nasr been sacked from her high post job in CNN been soft towards Muslim man and talking about how humble he is, search more about her and find her on Twitter under @OctaviaNasr. I didn't comment or correct the person's statement, as I wasn't sure it was Octavia Nasr or someone else.

That's all for now.
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