Oct 31, 2009

Flavours of life

Today for the first time I came across new Masafi food product ' Masafi Gourment ', sweet chilli flavoured chips, I never knew that Masafi the UAE most known for meniral and flavoured water.

During Ramadhan, I have been hunting for 'Rawabi Up', salted laban made of fresh cow's milk, a product of Al Rawabi brand, also UAE made product, which was out of stock as allot of people were consuming it during that I thought it was no longer produced or not sold in Oman, but managed to get it today.

Suddnly AMP, an energy drink was out of stock in near by my place. I thought it also been stopped, but managed to get a hold of one near by my work place, which was my last option, I hope Pepsi - Oman doesn't stop getting it from Jordan.

Since last ten of Holy month of Ramadhan I have been addicted to two things, Coconut drink and Ferrero Rocher, I can't stop my self from having it everyday.

Yes, I have been talking about food and drinks, I will miss them for a while. Oh I will forgot to mention the junk foods.

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