Jun 18, 2009

TRUST in the promise of Allah

From the Qur'an:
{So she watched out for him from a distance while they did not notice. We kept him from nursing at first, and so (his sister) said: "Shall I lead you to a family who will look after him for you? They will take good care of him." Thus We returned him to his mother so that he might comfort her and she would not feel sad, and so that she would know that Allah's promise is true, even though most of them do not realizeit.}
Surat AlQasas 28/12-13

[Lessons from these verses] Allah promised to protect and return baby Musa, alayhis salam, ... and He fulfilled His promise. When Allah promises us something, it will happen. What has Allah promised you, and is there any doubt in your Creator fulfilling it?

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