Jun 9, 2011

I am a fortune victim

One day, I went to draw money out of my account via ATM machine, I discovered a big difference in my balance (between last two days I checked and current balances). I quickly printed the transaction slip and noticed several transaction made out of POS from a gas/patrol station. I called the bank's call center and managed to block my debit card.

It turned out that the thief swapped my supplementary debit card, which I wasn't aware that I misplaced or lost it until the day I found out, for a while I stopped using POS or electronic payments for months now.

I admit that I felt the pinch, but it was a big lesson to learn from, and this could happen to anyone.

I consider my self as a fortune victim, because if it didn't happen, I wouldn't have understood people's feeling when it happen to them. The amount was nothing for what other had lost.

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