Feb 21, 2011

Egyptian is blood

I am not an Egyptian, but born in Egypt and feel deeply like Egyptian. I can't explain it, but for my mom side of the family been living there for generations for education purpose, and some lived all their lives.

When any of my member of my family meet an Egyptian, they automatically feel comfortably talking in Egyptian accent, even if we the younger generation who never lived in Egypt, its in our blood. The male member who mostly try to hide it, they can't resist the most.

I don't like people criticizing Egyptians, my mom and grandmother lived among them, eat and studied with them.

A funny part during the 18 days protest in Egypt, my elder Uncle and Auntie were glued in front of the TV and internet, following up the events, news and interviews, as well as the Egyptian priotraic songs of Abdulhaleem Hafedh and others, remembering their days during Jamal Abdulnassir, as if they were re-living the events.

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