Mar 6, 2010

I hate sitting at home when its weekend or any public holidays, I feel that I am waisting my time and enargy. I mean by that I don't use recourses in good and healthy way.

The only time I sit at home is when I am ill or I haven't had a break for a long time.

I prefer going out visiting my Aunites, going for a movie or drive down town., see people how they enjoy their time, not locking my self at home misrubly.

This weekend I was 90% of the time at home due to illness, I hated it so I drove at night to buy some Sawhili food for my self.

I have canncelled twice to visit my two new born nephews (of my two beloved cousins), due to health reasons. Few hours ago, I managed to get gifts for them to visit them today.

I miss my nephew, who is away for few days.

someone told me, that she decided to leave her passion of photography, because number of people in the family, have the same passion and she didn't want anyone to say she is just a copy cat.

I feel no one should trash their artistic passion or hobby becaurse others do have the same. I believe you do it as long as it makes you happy, but don't boost arround. Show it off to those who really appriciate your talents.

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