Feb 22, 2010

Is there a Gossip Girl in town?

Recently, I have been watching 'Gossip Girl' TV series, about the ellite school girls and how gossip moves fast by simple click from the phone to Gossip Girl via SMS and then a summary or photo with dirty comments are sent to all the school teens' by SMS without a trace or from her blog GossipGirl.com.

Gossip Girl or GG is anormus, no one know who is she, but does it really happen in USA or Western countries? Did it happen in Eastern or Southern or Nothern countries?

I believe Twitter maybe the altimate source of spreading rummers but I never heard of such a thing happand before.

I think it wouldn't happen becaurse of ethics and religus values been preventing such a thing. No one daires to take someone's photo, else the person will be sevialy punished.

Now a days, I am more aware of how I behaive for not to get snapped at. God knows who has ethical value and who is not.

Enjoy your day.

Gossip Girl
(I am just kidding.)

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