Nov 19, 2009

Certificate Of Attendance

Today, I recived a 'Certificate of Attendance' from one of the local chapter of profational organization in Oman, which I didn't attend.

I was suppose to attend for the seminar, which awarded 2 CPE hours, but I did not attend as I was filling ill, and I felt driving 20 mins to the avenue & back unkowing what will happen if I get worst.

Back to the topic, I told the manager who informed me the delivary of the certificate I didn't attend & she was aware of it as I have contact her. She said its ok. The worst, is that the chairman of the education committee for the local chapter, who have signed it is the Head of my department.

I have to inform him as its unathical to gain credit for something I didn't do or achive it.

1 comment:

  1. so how was Tom supposed to know that you didn't attend?