Jun 29, 2005

Are you money conscious?

I've been wanting to post this topic since 26 Feb. 2005 based on Lil pink submarine: Miser or money conscious? post, read here below post:
This was an initial shock to me since I never considered money to be an issue. I don’t really care who pays for bills or if I end up paying more than someone else’s share of a bill.

We were at a lil chocolate Shoppe’ where we were selecting items to munch on later. I picked a few things and my friend picked other thing, but when we came to the cash register we both placed our items together. As the women on the counter started adding my friends’ items first she quickly separated her items from mine and made sure that none of my items were added onto her bill. I was shocked, since I would have gladly paid for the simple items together.

I then realized something that there are others that are very stringent with their money and can calculate shares to the biaza (cent), which never crossed my mind since I never considered money as an issue.

To me money is there to be used be it for oneself or with others, it’s a non lasting ‘value’ that does not matter or should not be a divide among people.

Seeds of thought

A person must value his money from the start (LOOK WHOSE TALKING!!) to enable to save when the money is needed more like in buying a house, car, someting valuable.

Generally people spend this money unessary without thinking about the future, people who haven't got the sense of money tend to not over look the future. The current/present circumstances is not the same at the future.

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  1. Hi there I liked your topic as it's been an issue to myself lately.

    I've been thinking about saving for as you mentioned my coming future: i.e buying something of real value.

    My challenge though is : I like shopping, spending on food, nice restaurants, coffee shops, clothings even if i've got a million shirts I'd still buy more.

    They say shopping is therapy lol I guess to some extent it is true however only at the moment when Im abroad away from home.

    so now u see where my problem lies, although I do have an idea of where my money goes and comes and I do plan for my expenditure.

    They say that money comes and goes. It's true for the moment but if you want to save for your future then you have to acknowledge the value of money and start cutting down on the shopping as in my case. using : do i need it? question helps saving alot!